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How It Works

MCCREE@HOME is designed to provide you with a single point of contact for all your Home needs.  This person will be your designated Home Service Manager.  You and the Home Service Manager will create a customized concierge plan designed to provide you with Care Free Living. To achieve your customized concierge plan, your Home Service Manager will conduct a consultation, inspection and report about your property.
  1. Consultation – Our designated professional Home Service Manager will schedule a time for an initial consultation with you. During the initial consultation, the Home Service Manager will meet with you to better understand how your home is operating, any needs for improvements, current conditions of home and future considerations.
  2. Inspection – The Home Service Manager will conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your entire home and its components. During this process, the Technician will record and report on your home’s condition using customized inspection software and photographs. Upon completion, you will receive a full written report outlining our findings and recommendations.
  3. Custom Report & Plan Design – The Home Service Manager will meet with you again to provide an “Overall Inspection Report” of your home.  This report will include the current condition and status of all interior and exterior features and any immediate and/or future concerns.  The Home Service Manager will then discuss your Custom McCree @ Home service options. Our Custom Plans feature a monthly fee dependent upon your home needs.  For Renovations, Repairs, and Additions your Home Service Manager will obtain multiple quotes from all subcontractors, suppliers and/or vendors in order to provide you with an “Open Book” estimate.
  4. Custom Home Service Plan – Your Home Service Manager will be the only person you need to contact for you Home and Property needs.  Your plan will be designed according to your specific needs.
  5. Billing – McCree @ Home will manage all home vendors such as landscaping, pool, pest control, etc. and provide you with only ONE BILL each month.